When to Replace Your Windows

Luckily, replacing windows is not an annual necessity or even something that needs to be done every five years. Windows can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, which is good news as replacements are expensive. While substituting your windows with other window will give you a new and comfortable to you and your family all year round.

replacement windows

Knowing when to replace your windows can be a tedious task. Many of our clients have held out for another year or season because they didn’t know whether or not they needed replacements. Here are five signs it’s time to replace your windows.

Your Home Feels Breezy

If your windows are facing shrinking issue, or it’s not closing properly then it’s time to change your window. This allows warm air to travel out of your home during the winter months and can destroy the energy efficiency of your home. If your electric bill is more, just check the amount of air escaping by keeping your hand in front of your windows.

The Window is Difficult to Open and/or Close

Fighting with your window is not a part of your job as a homeowner. If your window doors are not able to be opened, then it may be time for a replacement. If you’re looking for a quick fix to get you through one more season, try rubbing the tracks of the window and frame with dishwashing soap. This will help them glide easier and will give you a little extra time to save up for replacements.

The Window Won’t Stay Open

If there is no way to keep your window open, short of putting a piece of wood to prop it open, then it may be time for a replacement windows in Milwaukee. But, this can end up with dangerous and a safety hazard, especially if you have kids in your home. It’s wise to replace your window before fingers get smashed.

You Can’t Lock Your Window

When your windows don’t properly lock, the security of your home is threatened. It makes simple for strangers and thieves to enter your home. Additionally, this may cause the escaping of air and results in increased electricity bill during the winter and summer season. If your lock can be repaired, then obviously it’s the first thing to do. If this does not work and the window still opened, then it’s time for replacements.

Condensation inside Your Window

Finally, the predominant indication to replace your window is when the ice or condensation starts to form inside your window. If the window is shut and locked, but you find any condensation in it, then it’s likely time to replace your windows right now. You may encounter ice or extreme frost inside your window during the winter season. Both of these are hazardous, as they can cause mold to grow on the whole frame and cause even further damage. Replacing your windows immediately will resolve all the issues.

When replacing your windows, choose your contractor carefully and avoid going the DIY replacement route, as you may void warranties on your new windows. Although some of these problems have quick-fix solutions to get you through another season, it’s best to plan ahead and make replacements as soon as possible to avoid problems down the line. Thus, lead a safety life with your family just by replacing the windows of your home when it’s really necessary.