How to Fix Drafty Windows

Do your friends nominate your house for any ceremonies every year because your rattling windows with their billowing curtains add that pleasant feel they want for their creepy celebration?

Maybe that’s fine for fall, but when winter temps set in, those rattling, drafty windows will bug you to no end, as well as hike your heating bill beyond your comfort zone. It’s wise to get rid of that headache now.

Why they get drafty?

With old windows, the shining putty may have grown brittle and fallen away, leaving the glass rattling in place. Double-hung sashes of wood windows can shrink with age and wear, letting in cold air. Newer aluminum or vinyl windows may also face weather stripping and worn-out issues.

Easy Fixes

Here are five fast solutions that’ll fix your issue for a while, or at least to get you through to spring when more permanent fixes are easier:

  1. V-seal weather stripping. For fixing your drafty issue just add this V-seal weather stripping along the sides. Windows can be opened and closed easily with the help of V-seal weather stripping.
  2. Rope caulk. Rope caulk has soft and sticky texture and thus it can be molded to suit the gap thereby it removes the draft easily at the end of the season.
  3. Shrink film. It’s usually applied in addition with the double-sided tape, and this clean and clear plastic shrinks get fixed tightly when it’s heated by employing hair dryer. The film eradicates the drafts just by sealing it and captures an insulating buffer of air. For releasing the tape during spring it’s advised to use rubbing alcohol since it will avoid pulling of paint to a great extent.
  4. Nail polish. Careful application of nail polish will clear the crack almost invisibly. On hardening, these polishes will stabilize and standardize the glass until your replacement. You can also apply weather-seal tape for clearing the crack.
  5. Draft snake. If cold air is getting leaked from the bottom of your window then it’s to buy a foam and fabric draft snake kit. For fixing it just cut the foam tube. Remove the washable cover over it and now place the tube on the draft followed by shutting of window. This will resolve your issue.

Permanent Fixes

  1. Replace loose or missing glazing. Cracking of glazing putty that seals window panes may occur and fall out with time. Fixing of glazing putty needs some practice but even a little knowledge in fixing will also resolve the leaks. Let’s see some quick tips:
  1. Replace the window. A worn, rotted, or chronically rattling window is simply past its useful life. Replacing old windows is a job for a pro. You can choose low-maintenance frame materials and low-E and insulated glass options for replacing your window. Cost: About $600 per window.