All About Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of window installed around the world today. It was first introduced to the world in 1954 in Germany, vinyl windows grew in popularity due to wood shortages and high aluminum prices following the Second World War. A new, low cost material was needed for windows and other construction components, and out of that need vinyl was created.

all about vinyl windows

Vinyl windows were first introduced in the United States in the 1960s and they have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity since their introduction. Their superior energy efficiency lead to an explosion of market share during the 1970’s energy crisis and they have not looked back since.

Initially, vinyl windows were not without problems, often experiencing cracking and discoloration. Early vinyl often became brittle, discolored, and warped after only a few short years of exposure to the sun’s UV radiation—requiring replacement much quicker than well maintained wood windows.

Today’s vinyl windows have made great strides from their predecessors and are now known for their low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan. Weather Shield’s Aspire Series vinyl windows have advanced well beyond vinyl of the past. Our vinyl windows feature color that is consistent throughout the vinyl extrusion. This allows our vinyl windows to maintain their color longer and make nicks and scratches less visible than they were on painted vinyl. Buying vinyl windows today is an excellent long term investment in your home.

Let’s see why vinyl windows are so popular any why most people are choosing vinyl windows then other windows.

  1. Vinyl windows are generally multi-glazed, and while double glazed windows are good insulators, the triple-glazed windows that are becoming increasingly more popular offer unbelievable savings in energy costs, keeping the heat in during cold winter months, and increasing the effectiveness of your air conditioner cooling during hot summers. While double glazing offers a layer of air between the two panes, triple glazing provides two layers that offer an exceptionally high degree of insulation.
  2. Windows made with the help of vinyl are usually scratch free and also no maintenance is needed. It can be cleaned with the help of vinyl window cleaner or with soap and water occasionally.
  3. You have a fantastic choice of colors, styles and sizes. Whether you prefer casement or sliding windows, you have a choice of many colors in the sizes you need. Sash windows, also known as double hung, replicate the traditional style of wooden sashes in vinyl, but cleaner and with lovely sharp lines. Bow or bay vinyl windows are employed for getting more space in your home while this option is practically unlimited.
  4. The price you will pay for vinyl windows is lower than that of any other type. It saves more electricity and will reduce your electricity bills to a great extent and also requires less maintenance than any other type of window.

There are disadvantages of course, and it would be disingenuous not to mention these. Vinyl replacement windows can discolor in extreme weather conditions, particularly in intense heat, and because they cannot be painted you either have to accept this or replace them. However, the level of heat would have to be greater than would reasonable be expected in the USA.

Overall, these windows will improvise the value of your home and will fetch more resale cost. Moreover, most people choose their windows for adding some extra looks to their home rather than the price they will earn during the time of resale. Thus, vinyl windows will satisfy all their needs and requirements.